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We’ve all got a lot of stuff these days, haven’t we?
And while it’s hardly a new idea to bring buyer and seller together, we believe that is the biggest and the best opportunity for private trading in Guernsey. With more than 40,000 daily readers - and many thousands of online and social media followers - the Guernsey Press is brilliantly placed to create a vibrant marketplace.

With the pages of the Guernsey Press ready and waiting to showcase your sale items - not forgetting the fully searchable online listings - there is no better way for your possessions to find a new home. Or for you to find those new essentials and treats.
So put us to the test and get BiSi right now. Who knows what you might find today?
A safe & secure site
Rest assured that the Guernsey Press team carefully moderates all advertisements before they appear in BiSi, whether it’s in the pages of the Guernsey Press or on The online site is checked regularly, and, if necessary, adverts will be removed by our team should they contravene our guidelines.
What you can't sell

Alcohol, animals, medicines and drugs, explosives, firearms and weapons.

BiSi acceptability guidelines is an advertising and service for private advertisers and approved trade advertisers only. For trade advertising enquiries please telephone 01481 240280 or email [email protected].

BiSi reserves the right to decline, amend or re-classify any advertising submissions that do not meet our standards of acceptance.
Advertisements that contain fraudulent, deceptive or misleading statements or illustrations; attacks of a personal nature; or that are overly competitive or that refer abusively to the goods or services of others will not be accepted.
Offensive to good taste - indecent, vulgar, suggestive or other advertising that, in the opinion of the Guernsey Press may be offensive, will also not be accepted neither will advertisements that do not satisfy the code of practice of “legal, decent, honest and true”.
Advertisements should include only standard abbreviations and have correct punctuation. Similar adverts appearing frequently over a period time will be scrutinised to ensure that relevant private or trade rates are being applied.
BiSi reserves the right to exclude classifications deemed unsuitable. A full list of these is available on request.

Do I need to register?

You do need to register to book an advertisement using BiSi. The account management section also allows registered users to view their bookings, repeat previously booked advertisements, make amendments to future classified bookings and make comments. Simply click on Register on the homepage and fill in the form. Once registered, you will be able to start booking advertisements and have access to all options within the account management section (see My Account).

What makes a good advert?

A good advertisement will gain interest by ensuring the headline attracts those in the market for a particular product. It then needs to sell through the use of selling points and benefits (the description). It is important that the advertiser makes it as easy as possible for the reader to respond by including a full telephone number (or mobile number) and email.

It is important to use well-known abbreviations to help the reader understand your advert.

Bookings may require amending once submitted so that they conform to our house style. This may result in a change in the format of your booking so that it meets our style criteria. This does not occur often and we will contact you if we have to make necessary changes

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